FineFog™ - Fire Fighting

DESMI has supplied water-based firefighting solutions to all kinds of vessels around the globe.

Benefits of the Fixed Water-Based Fire-Fighting Systems:

  • Up-to-date development ensures rule compliance and system reliability
  • High-efficient fire extinguishing or suppression
  • Quality components used through system design
  • Easy service, maintenance and trouble shooting due to modular design
  • Compact design, small pumps, pipes, tanks and etc.
  • Low water flow rates/water consumption
  • Low installation, operation and maintenance costs
  • World-wide service and technical solution support

Fire-Fighting System for Machinery Space

Water Sprinkler System for Accommodation

Low Expansion Foam Fire-Fighting System

Water Spray / Deluge / Drencher System

High Efficiency and Reliability

Fire-Fighting System for Machinery Space

The DESMI local application Fire-Fighting System is a low pressure FineFog™ fixed water-based system using fresh water, approved for use as a local fire protection system for high risk objects

Most effective for fire at its early stage

Water Sprinkler System for Accommodation

DESMI Water Sprinkler System is a conventional sprinkler system designed as a so-called wet pipe system. A wet pipe sprinkler system is fixed fire protection using piping filled with pressurized water supplied from a dependable source.


FineFog™ Fire-Fighting System for Algoma

DESMI has signed a fire-fighting package contract for a new building project at 3. MAJ shipyard Croatia. The project is a series of Great Lakes self-unloading bulk carriers, (hull numbers 732/733/527/528/529) classed by LR, and registered under Canadian flag.

For safe, easy and reliable operation

Low Expansion Foam Fire-Fighting System

The DESMI fixed low expansion foam fire-fighting system is developed to protect the oil and chemical tanker deck
areas, helidecks or other open deck areas (e.g. bow/stern loading areas) as well as closed horizontal spaces (e.g. streamer reel, purifier room).

Conveniently accessible & great heat absorbing capabilities

Water Spray / Deluge / Drencher System

Water is an ideal extinguishing medium for many shipboard applications. It is conveniently accessible, has great heat absorbing capabilities and can be used on a variety of fires.

Why Choose DESMI Fire-Fighting System?

DESMI FineFog™ Brochure

Fixed Water-Based Fire-Fighting Systems

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