Aquaculture Pumps

Vessel & Land based Fish Farming

Sustainability is a key element in all areas of the AquaCulture industry. Productivity, performance, and reliability are essential parameters to consider without compromising sustainability. These are precisely the parameters addressed by the DESMI range of products and services for the AquaCulture industry.


The ongoing rapid development in the AquaCulture industry is continuously affected by the population growth, which is increasing the demand for farmed fish and wild catch. The market demand for AquaCulture products forces fish farms around the globe to improve their existing production sites and develop new ones.


At DESMI, we are experienced in manufacturing and supplying pumps and pumping systems for various applications within AquaCulture:


  • Land based Fish Farming
  • AquaCulture Vessels (Wellboats)
  • Processing


Pumps for Vessels & Land-based Fish Farming

DESMI pumps are installed through the entire cycle of the AquaCulture value chain from land-based fish farms to wellboats, fish oil, fish meal, and fish feed factories.


High-Quality Pumps Help Fish Farms Handle Growth

Pumping systems manufacturer DESMI offers advice to farmed-fish processing plants looking to invest in high-reliability, scaleable pumps to meet production pressures.


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Vessels & Land-based Fish Farming

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