Diesel-Driven Emergency Fire Pumps

Engine driven pumps comes in a broad range of different executions suitable for a diverse range of special applications for both ship based operations or as transfer capacity on ground.


Shock Rated Diesel-driven Emergency Fire Pump

These pump units are designed to withstand the rough life at sea and to be ready for action at all times. Even after the ship has been exposed to shock. Capacity is 100 m3/h at 7 bar

High Performance - Easy Fire Protection All Working just by Pushing ‘Start’

DESMI fire fighting pumps cover the range from commercial standard electrically driven fire pumps to fully shock approved diesel-driven emergency fire pumps for high-end navy fire applications.

The diesel engine provides power to both the fire pump and a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump runs a hydraulic motor and a water


Portable Emergency Diesel Driven Fire Pump

First-class pump solution with a capacity of 40 m3/h at 7 bar. Low magnetic signature and designed especially for a life at sea. Weight is 158 kg.

Diesel Hydraulically Driven Emergency Fire Pump

Customised Emergency Fire System

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