December 2019

Environmental Focus

- Oil Spill Response Segment Name Changed into EnviRo-Clean

For many years, our well-known oil spill response equipment has been marketed under the segment name Oil Spill Response. However, due to our strong commitment in relation to removal of plastic waste and marine debris from rivers and tributaries and removal of seaweed from beaches, we want to position ourselves as a strong environmentally conscious partner showing consideration for our customers’ business, which is why our segment name is changed into EnviRo-Clean.

With inspiration from our oil spill response equipment, we have developed equipment for the collection and containment of floating debris, waste, plastic and seaweed. Therefore, our EnviRo-Clean segment has three environmental focus areas:

Oil Spill Response – Solutions for any Oil Spill
We will continue to deliver the world’s most proven oil spill response solutions for offshore, near-shore and the Arctic or Equatorial environment, with the lowest life cycle costs and complete life-cycle support.
Solutions that include skimmers, booms, power packs, pumps and much more.

EnviRo-Care – Clean Waterways
Marine and aquatic debris are some of the most widespread pollution problems plaguing the world’s oceans, rivers, and lakes. Successful management of the problem requires a comprehensive understanding of the marine and aquatic environment combined with the necessary experience and the correct selection of proven equipment. Knowhow is the key, and dealing with DESMI brings benefits.
With EnviRo-Care solutions we combat ocean bound plastic by mapping the tributaries of the world’s most polluting rivers and aim to reduce the influx of plastic pollution in the big rivers.

Seaweed – clean Beaches and Shorelines
Sometimes, even nature needs a helping hand. We provide solutions for the excessive seaweed, without disrupting marine life. With our proven solutions, we are able to deflect and collect the excessive seaweed to keep our beaches and shorelines clean. Our efforts ensure protection of marine life in the waters.

Nothing will be different for you as a customer. We will maintain our high and well-known service level – just under a new segment name – EnviRo-Clean.
The company name, DESMI Ro-Clean A/S, remains unchanged - with full responsibility for the segment.

The three environmental focus areas:

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