August 2021

DESMI opens its own office in Japan

It is a great pleasure to announce that we are now opening an office in Tokyo, Japan.

The new office is a legal entity of DESMI Ocean Guard A/S

 ... and we are convinced that having our own DESMI team in Japan working alongside agents or distributors, when beneficial, will enable us to get the access to the Japanese market that our products and services merit. Main focus in the beginning will be sale of DESMI’s Marine & Offshore products with special attention to ballast water management systems.


“Japan represents a significant potential market for DESMI. Measured by GDP Japan is the third largest economy in the world, and seen from a shipowner perspective, it is the second largest in the world. Today we have a small footprint in the Japanese market, but with locals representing DESMI in Japan in the future we see great opportunities to increase our footprint considerably. We have the products and can provide the services that are requested, and by getting closer to the Japanese customers we will also be able to better build the trust and relationships, which are so important in Japan”, says Henrik Sørensen, Group CEO at DESMI.


“We have great expectations for the market in Japan, and we foresee more colleagues joining within shortly the office in Japan”, concludes Henrik Sørensen.

DESMI opens office in Japan