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Helicopter Refueling System Training for Navies and Coastguards Worldwide

Helicopter Refueling System Training for Navies and Coastguards Worldwide

DESMI Defense & Fuel and many naval shipyards see a strong demand for helicopter refueling capabilities for their naval customers. Seen in this light DESMI Defense & Fuel  held the first Helicopter refueling system training in South East Asia for OPV operators in Week 31 2016.

The helicopter refueling training onboard of the OPV, the first in-class OPV for a South East Asian navy, marks another significant milestone for the OPV new building program with helicopter capability. The OPV´s, Frigates and AOR will in the near future be able to carry out maritime security operations and safeguarding South East Asian lines with the application of helicopter operations onboard.

DESMI Defense & Fuel client won the contract, awarded by a South East Asian ministry of defense to design and build eight OPVs for their navy in 2013. The vessels where the training was conducted are expected to be delivered from 2016 onwards. These new vessels will replace an existing class of Patrol Vessels that were indigenously designed and built by DESMI Defense & Fuel client in the 1990s the DESMI helicopter refuel system will be incorporated on 4 of the 8 vessels.

The Helicopter Refueling System is designed and manufactured by DESMI Defense & Fuel. Utilizing the extensive helicopter refueling experience inside DESMI Defense  & Fuel. DESMI Defense & Fuel offer a system that is designed for ease of installation, maintenance and operation. The system is in two parts. The storage system below deck, that links the aviation fuel tanks onboard the vessel through a Filter Water Separator (FWS) to a deck plate. Normally a dispenser skid will further link on to the helicopter landing deck for ground refueling. The below deck system is unique to each ship type and DESMI Defense & Fuel engineers are happy to assist naval ship designers, shipyards and navies to build the most effective system for their specific type of ship.

The helicopter refueling training took 4 days and was divided up into 2 separate trainings, first a two day operator training where the course participants got familiar with the theoretical aspects of Training Seminarthe Helicopter refueling system. Topics of the training were amongst others health and safety, system knowledge, components in the system, safe practices when refueling a helicopter on board and finally an onboard system orientation on the Helideck combined with training on the storage pumps skid below deck, the Dispenser skid on the Helicopter Deck and an orientation on the bridge about the IPMS system onboard.
The second part of the training was a two day Helicopter Refueling System Maintenance training providing the operators a precise theoretical and hands-on training of the entire Helicopter Refuel System, Highly motivated and extreme capable the navy personel went through Automation and troubleshooting, and hand-on training in overhaul and maintenance of the military grade ROTAN® pumps and Filter water separators in the workshop.
The training was ended with a written test that all navy operators passed with honors.

“It has been a privilege to train such a motivated group of individuals from the navy and an honor to be part of the OPV project in order to safeguard sea lines through helicopter lifting capabilities onboard in and around South East Asia, either onboard the OPV or in the DESMI regional HQ for South East Asia in BUKIT BATOK Singapore” said Mr. Christian Wollerup Sørensen Senior Instructor and Business development manager at DESMI Defense & Fuel.

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