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Vessel & Land based Fish Farming

The growing world population is increasing the demand for fish, which is influencing the rapid development of vessel and land-based aquaculture systems such as recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS), hatcheries, and flow through systems, etc. to become larger and more sustainable in order to farm larger quantities of fish. In this regard, energy emission is a key parameter addressed by the fish farmers to minimize the energy consumption in order to reduce the operating costs of the farm.


To support the fish farmers in achieving this goal, DESMI offers energy efficient and reliable pumps and pumping solutions incl. UV-treatment for the vessel and land-based fish farming markets.


Our Aquaculture pumps are fitted with Super Duplex Stainless Steel Impellers which will never corrode and have extreme hardness capable of handling any particles in the water. The Super Duplex Impellers are used for both fresh- and seawater pumps at any temperature.

The pumps are suitable for aquaculture water applications such as (seawater, freshwater, brackishwater, water with
cleaning agents, etc.) and for meeting the aquaculture industry requirements for:

• Design to run 24 / 7 / 365

• Very long intervals between maintenance.

• High efficiency > 80% at high-flow & low-pressure conditions.

• Flexibility – can be installed horizontally or vertically to adapt to any pipe system.

• Slow speed (using 6 or 8 pole motors) – very limited noise transmitted to fish tanks.

• Easy installation and maintenance.


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