Ship Based Helicopter Refueling Systems

Refueling & Transfer Systems - Complete System Provider. The DESMI systems are intended for use in both the military and commercial sectors.

We are a preferred supplier of systems for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts as well as for ground vehicles and static equipment. The best in the world for HIFR - Helicopter in flight refuelling systems.

Each system is specifically designed for pumping, filtering and dispensing of fuel for military and naval use.
The ship based helicopter refueling system is used for pressure and gravity fueling of aircrafts on board Naval Vessels, and the system is also fitted with a facility to defuel the aircrafts.


Twin pump filter module

The pump filter module consists of filter water separators and positive displacement fuel pumps. The twin pump refueling system has built-in redundancy for maximum reliability. The service and transfer pumps and filter water separator duties are fully interchangeable by use of valves.


Dispenser module

The dispenser module consists of a mechanical meter, defuel pump, hose, hose reel, pressure refueling nozzle and gravity refueling nozzle and optional a filter water absorber

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