AquaShield UV System

Model selection ensures flow ranges down to

35 m³/h and up to 3,500 m³/h with a single unit.


The different UV models are optimized for both high

and record-breaking low UV transmission values!


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The AquaShield UV System

AquaShield UV System has no salinity or temperature limitations. Model selection ensures flow ranges down to 35 m³/h and up to 3,500 m³/h with a single unit. The different UV models are optimized for both high and record-breaking low UV transmission values!


AquaShield, a tried-and-true solution derived from our BMWS systems, excels in environments with low UV-t (below 85%). UV-t, or Ultraviolet Transmittance, represents the ability of water to transmit ultraviolet light and is crucial in UV disinfection (water transparency). AquaShield's superior performance in these conditions is attributed to its unique shape and lamp configuration, ensuring that water passes closer and for a longer duration near the lamps.


This design, while highly effective, does lead to a somewhat larger pressure drop. Remarkably, AquaShield offers flexibility in materials, with the option of casting it in either NI-Al-Br or super duplex steel, all at the same price point. Whether you require only the essentials or a plug-and-play full skid version, AquaShield is your versatile solution for various applications, akin to our ballast water solutions. 9 variants are available, from 2 to 36 lamps.


  • Simple installation, operation, and maintenance 
  • Acts as a firewall for viruses in intake water
  • Can be delivered skid mounted for super easy installation
  • Can be bundled with Auto-Filter and Auto-Cleaning
  • No chemicals, only UV light
  • Automatic dose control ensuring optimal safety and cost efficiency


  • Specialized plant engineering team available 
  • +10 years of UV experience
  • More than 2,000 system in operation around the world
  • Wide range in flowrates from a single unit
  • Full IoT integration for remote performance monitoring and alarm notifications (SMS, email, etc..)
Technical Product Specifications
AquaShield UV System V10024 V15044 V15064 V20066 V20086 V25126 V30186 V35246 V40366
UV lamps [pcs] 2 4 6 6 8 12 18 24 36
Lamp type [KW] 4 4 4 6 6 6 6 6 6
Total lamp power [KW] 8 16 24 36 48 72 108 144 216
Flange size Dimensions [mm] DN65 DN100 DN150 DN200 DN200 DN250 DN300 DN350 DN400
Height 525 570 772 776 900 850 984 1030 1101
Width 661 661 661 828 828 828 838 838 844
Depth 300 405 406 438 446 516 541 628 722


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AquaShield and AquaDose: Tailored Solutions for Different Water Conditions


DESMI's AquaDose and AquaShield are two distinct lines of UV-Units, each expertly crafted to excel in different water environments. AquaDose, the latest innovation from DESMI, is perfect for clearer water with high UV transmission (over 90%). On the other hand, AquaShield is your go-to choice for water with lower UV transmission (under 85%).


What makes both these units stand out is their exceptional durability and adaptability. Crafted in top-tier foundries, they are made from high-grade Super Duplex stainless steel, known for its robustness. This means they can withstand a wide range of salinity, pH, and temperature variations with ease. Plus, they’re incredibly maintenance friendly. You can clean them on-site using citric acid, eliminating the need for any internal mechanical cleaning tools.


AquaDose is specifically designed for land-based facilities. Its flanges are tailor-made to fit seamlessly with HDPE100 piping, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. With a standard dimension ratio (SDR) of 26 and a design pressure of 6 bar (test pressure: 9 bar), AquaDose units are built to effectively handle the demands of modern aquaculture facilities.


In summary, whether you deal with clearer or murkier water, DESMI has a solution ready. AquaShield and AquaDose are not just UV treatment systems; they are a testament to DESMI's commitment to providing flexible, durable, and efficient solutions for the aquaculture industry.

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