July 2010

Update on Deepwater Horizon Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Applied Fabric Technologies Inc (AFTI) and DESMI Ro-Clean A/S (DRC) are heavily involved in the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico and have equipment and people on site to help and assist in any way possible.

We have basically sold out of all our inventory available from both US and Denmark and are working around the clock to produce additional equipment for this emergency. We have also been able to source equipment from our good partners around the world who have made their equipment available for this emergency situation.

Oil has spread from Galveston to the west, through to Panama City and the beaches of Florida to the East. Ongoing response operations at the blow out site continue to use dispersants applied from the air, skimmers on barges and boats and insitu burning, which is conducted when there are calm conditions.


To date, AFTI and DRC personnel have spent valuable time in the Gulf of Mexico working on in-situ burning, operating skimmers, and ensuring that the equipment arriving is in good working order.

Both AFTI and DRC have provided quotes to BP and others involved in the Gulf of Mexico operational for all of the available inventory of RO-BOOM in Europe. The RO-BOOM is to be used for projects where the operation management want to boom off inlets and other areas of high environmental risk.


Actions in the coming days.
We have personnel and commitments to various tasks over the next few weeks such as:

• Technical support for the Octopus skimmers, the newest generation of high-tech offshore skimmers
• Attendance and assistance with in-situ burning operations
• Continued production and shipment of equipment to the sites in the effected region
• Supply of equipment and attendance of AFTI and DRC specialist staff at sites in the effected region