May 2015

Training - The Key to Success

DESMI Training seminar held in Mombasa 25th – 27th March 2015

Many people attended the three-day DESMI TRAINING PROGRAMME eager to ask questions and try out the equipment. The training included an introduction to Oil Spills, Boom Types & Selection, Deployment & Recovery Configurations and Environmental & Sensitivity Impacts. Important issues in today’s oil spill industry.

The training also highlighted the various ways that stakeholders within the industry can come together in an effort to combat and deal with any oil spill incident, the spill response community that it supports, and further issues dealing with upstream and downstream oil activities.


The training was successfully conducted in collaboration with Washington Okanga (Oil Spill Mutual Aid Group) and Capt. G. Namadoa (Kenya Port Authority), who hosted the DESMI team in Mombasa.

DESMI is committed to support stakeholders in the industry to develop and succeed, and be the very best, if the disaster (emergency) strikes.


The training improves the skills and motivation by working through equipment demonstrations and hand-on-training, where the tasks and workflows are practised.

Erik Refsgaard carried out equipment demonstrations (supported by Mr Abdalla Massoud – Kenya Port Authority), including the following:

  • Running through each piece of equipment identifying technical details against specification sheet
  • Start-up and use of  power pack
  • System hose connections to boom reel 
  • System hose connections to DBD skimmer
  • Deployment and retrieval of Troilboom Beach
  • Start up and hose connections to Ro-Vac fast tank assembly
  • Ro Vac and Ro Tanker start-up and operation
  • Shutdown procedures
  • After operation care
  • Ro Boom deployment
  • DBD skimmer deployment
  • Ro Tank deployment
  • Retrieval of the above
  • Clean up & packing
  • Post exercise debrief


After the above three days of instructive training, the attendees felt encouraged and wiser on oil spills.