June 2012

The ultimate, offshore skimming system

The World’s most advanced and efficient Offshore skimming system continues its Global success with yet another perfect client commissioning program.

The Giant Octopus LARS X80 (Launch And Recovery System with 80m umbilical) is supplied with a powerful 185kW power pack that provides motive force to the unique, splayed brush recovery rails, twin DESMI Oil Pumps (DOP) onboard, twin thrusters, advanced crane, umbilical reel and turntable. The entire system can be launched, operated and recovered by one man using the wireless control. This high capacity recovery system is the most efficient, easiest and safest system to operate in the market today and is the obvious reason for its growing success. Other benefits include;

  • The ability to recovery the widest range of oils and emulsions due to the special brush technology and rail configuration.
  • Independently tested and verified by Ohmsett
  • The ability to also offer Ship to ship pumping using the umbilical
  • 4.5m ships rail clearance of the skimmer head using the crane system
  • Wireless control from a ship’s bridge
  • High capacity recovery rate
  • 60 & 40m umbilical options available


DESMI Oil Spill Response offer the Giant Octopus skimmer head in 2 other configurations without the umbilical. This allows the client further flexibility in operations and system containerization. For further details of this equipment and other advances please see our video below or our brochure.


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