February 2014

The first Giant Octopus System running in Chinese Waters

With the first snow in Shanghai in 2014, the first Giant Octopus skimmer was put into Shanghai Salvage Bureau’s training basin on February 11.

We delivered the system to Shanghai Salvage Bureau in 2013, and Shanghai Salvage Bureau had already then experienced the outstanding performance of the Helix that we delivered to them in 2012.


The Giant Octopus system is the world’s most advanced offshore system featuring the newest brush technology developed after more than 30 years of experience. The complete system includes the Giant Octopus head equipped with two sets of DOP 250 dual, 120 kW power pack with side crane, and 50 m hose set wound on a hydraulically driven reel.

Commissioning and training took place in the period from February 10 to 13, and more than 20 leaders and experts from Shanghai Salvage Bureau attended. Erik Refsgaard, Field Technician and Supervisor at DESMI Ro-Clean, introduced the system, and 10 technical engineers operated the system under Erik Refsgaard’s supervision. Each person operated the system from deployment to recovery.


On the last day, after maintenance and repair training, the system was recovered for storage, and both customer and supplier were satisfied with the commissioning and training.