November 2015

The Ballast Water Management Convention is at a tipping point

Morocco and Indonesia has ratified the Ballast Water Management Convention - an act that might put the whole convention in to force.

Indonesia and Morocco have become the latest in the line of nations having signed the Ballast Water Management Convention. At the moment everyone in the industry are holding their breaths as the signing might be the tipping point pushing the convention in to force.


The BWM convention is aimed at preventing the spread of harmful and aquatic species in ballast water being discharged from ships around the world. When the convention is ratified and put in to action, all ships, regardless of size, carrying dischargeable ballast water, must install a ballast water management system.


Indonesia ratified the BWM convention November 24th - just a day after Morocco did, eventually pushing the support to 32,93% of the world tonnage – Very close to the 35% force criteria. This has forced the IMO to take action and according to different industry news media the IMO might demand a recount of the tonnage meaning that all members have to recalculate the gross tonnage of their fleets.

Should the tonnage figure pass the 35% after the recount, the convention will come into effect 24 November 2016 - one year after Indonesia signed the treaty.

DESMI Ocean Guard is ready to act on the expected ratification and will of course be recommending ship-owners to go with the highest performing and lowest energy consuming solutions in the market.