December 2013

SOSRC Commissioning 12th Dec. 2013 - Singapore

By Rajendra Iskandar

Singapore Oil Spill Response Centre Pte. Ltd. (SOSRC) is a responder and services provider to the Oil Spill Response Industry as well as supporting the salvage activities of POSH Semco Pte Ltd. They maintain the Oil Spill Response Equipment Stockpiles of Petroleum Association of Japan in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


SOSRC recently ordered 250m of Ro-BooM 1000 c/w a hydraulic reel with an extended frame for the DSPP 7,5 kW power pack. This was subsequently delivered to their warehouse in Jurong, Singapore. As part of the supply, we were required to visit site and conduct both the commissioning and training to the relevant SOSRC personal.

It was another beautiful morning as we started our program with a short briefing. Then, we introduced our DSPP 7,5 kW to the participants who were very eager to learn. Compared to their existing equipment, which is about 18 years old, the new power pack was much more compact and user friendly.


After that, we connected all the hydraulic hoses and checked the power pack for engine & hydraulic oil level, the battery connection and fuel level. Then we started the power pack, ran the winder in forward & reverse, and spun up the air blower all with positive results. It all went according to expectations and everything ran smoothly.


After that we shut down the Power Pack, checking for any leakage - unplugged the hydraulic hoses carefully replacing the dust plug on each ends of hydraulic couplings. We also carefully packed  the air hoses & disconnect one of the battery terminal to make the equipment ready for storage in their extensive Oil Spill Equipment stockpile.

All components were checked and accounted for and the client also confirmed.

SOSRC was very happy and pleased with the commissioning and dry training.

DRC Commissioning Team,

Michael Green Lauridsen
Rajendra Iskandar