February 2015

Save Fuel – Reduce Emission – Earn Money! OptiSave - Frequency Converter Automation

OptiSaveTM Frequency Converter Automation

On February 26, DESMI and IntraMare invited to an OptiSaveTM seminar in Athens, Greece, where the participants discussed the benefits of OptiSaveTM, the energy efficiency system that saves tons of fuel oil for the benefit of the environment and your finances.

OptiSaveTM is for both retrofit and new builds, and if you install OptiSaveTM in your ships’ seawater system, you will save approx. 70 tons of fuel oil per year (average value per vessel) which corresponds to 64% of the CO2 emission stipulated by IMO.


The systems that can be directly used with DESMI OptiSave™ include:

  • Seawater cooling systems
  • Fresh-water cooling systems
  • Engine room ventilation

or any combinations of the above.


In addition, the robust and quality ROTAN® pumps for combined fuel applications (high & low sulphur) were on the agenda at the seminar. ROTAN®, one of the world’s leading internal gear pumps.


If you missed this seminar - Don't panic! Contact DESMI and get the tools you need for energy efficiency and fuel savings in compliance with IMO, SEEMP and EEDI

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DESMI offers a financing concept where the ship owners pay for the OptiSaveTM system with the fuel savings in a period of max. two years.