February 2016

Release of Modular S Video

The Modular S video shows the monobloc version, the free shaftend version, the baseplate version, the super self-primer version and all the features such as:

  • The Safety valve to avoid steam explosion
  • The Non-return valve preventing prefilled water from escaping pump casing
  • The Semi-closed impeller with curved vanes and replaceable wear ring
  • The Mechanical Shaft seal
  • The High Quality ball bearings
  • The Rigid Coupling
  • The Electric Motor

The series of DESMI Modular S pumps represents one of the most distinctive developments in self-priming pumps. Based on many years of experience in the production of self-priming pumps we supply a pump series that meets the future demands for economical and reliable pumps.

The individual design, compact with a clear-cut cylindrical form, together with the practical advantages such as easy assembling and modular construction of all components ensure a long a unproblematic operation.

This self-priming principle means that the Modular S can pump a mixture of air and liquid and thus evacuate air from the suction pipe.