August 2011

POLLCAT Travels from United Kingdom to Nigeria

In early August 2011 the journey for the DESMI Ro-Clean anti-pollution vessel named RECOVERY 1 started in Southampton UK with a crossing of the British Channel to Antwerp – a success full sea trial for the new vessel.

In Antwerp the POLLCAT was lifted directly aboard a multi-purpose freight ship and will be transported to Nigeria. According to the schedule, the vessel will arrive in Nigeria at end of August and be assigned to the Nigerian organization NOSDRA (National oil spill detection and response agency).


The POLLCAT is equipped throughout with DESMI oil spill equipment. Upon arrival, Recovery 1 will serve as the anti-pollution vessel for Nigerian ports which will enable the vessel to response quickly and efficient to any oil spill. The vessel has a unique dynamic skimmer system built-in together with oil storage, dispersant and transfer systems.


The POLLCAT is the signature anti-pollution vessel from DESMI. The range of vessels varies from 10 m – 24 m and tailor made to each customer. DESMI have supplied anti-pollution vessel solutions worldwide for more than two decades.