November 2009

Poland, a large and exciting market right in our backyard.

DESMI is to speak at the DBDH members' meeting today on November 27. DBDH is the leadingdistrict heating & cooling business association in Denmark and DESMI is to present here to our Polish focus group.

DBDH is focusing at the market in Poland and through several export promotions and visits, there have already been built good relations and networks in Poland. For instance a cooperation agreement between Polish District Heating Chamber of Commerce ( IGCP ) and DBDH has been established.


This year alone, DBDH been engaged in three activities in Poland. In May, the DBDH with HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Crown Princess Mary attended a great export promotion in Poland. I June a delegation of key stakeholders from Poland visited Denmark and got a good insight into Danish technologies and solutions. In October, the DBDH and the focus group successful arranged a export promotion to the south of Poland, with visits to four cities in the region, at the members' meeting, we get a return visit of representatives from one of these cities.


Poland looks towards Denmark and the development Denmark has been having with green transition in district heating as there is expected major changes in Poland in the coming years, which will focus on energy efficiency. This involves increasing the cogeneration of electricity and heat, change of the fuel mix towards more gas and renewable energy, more waste and reduction of heat loss. Cooling is also a hot topic in the Polish district heating sector and - not least - the entire consumer side of efforts for energy efficiency.


Poland's political objectives are high and they should be seen in the context of a strong pressure from the EU to incorporate more CHP and increase energy efficiency. A large number of laws in Poland dictates improve energy efficiency and intends to promote innovative technologies that will help reduce the damaging effects on the environment.

At the members' meeting, there will be an opportunity to gain a thorough insight into the Polish district heating market and the possibilities for export. Poland is a large and exciting market right in our backyard, so we are looking forward to go in depth with this on the members' meeting.