July 2015

On-Water Demonstration in the Port of Southampton

DESMI have embarked on a mission to show off our new revolutionary product – the Ultimate Speed-Sweep System consisting of DESMI Single Vessel Ro-Kite Speed-Sweep 1500 with integrated Ro-Skim Weir Skimmer towed at a speed of 3 knots. We started the year with a demonstration at Odense Fjord in Denmark followed by the March 2015 InterSpill event in the Port of Amsterdam. The Speed-Sweep system was deployed in the busy seaport and made a number of different manoeuvres to the view of a host of spectators.

We have been inundated with questions and comments from customers and spectators, and due to the interest which we received following the deployment, we have decided to copy the deployment in other parts of Europe.

In July we deployed the system in the Port of Southampton again to a host of spectators. The successful deployment was evidence of the simplicity and robustness of the product. This time we also incorporated our in-line Ro-Skim skimmer at the apex of the sweep. This enhances the system and ensures a continuous sweep operation.


With sales of the product now reaching into 7 different countries we can see that the innovative system is “Sweeping” across the globe.


This year we will have more deployment demonstrations in Europe; In September, we will be deploying once again in the Netherlands, and in October we will be deploying in France. .