September 2018

On-board Technical Seminar and Promotion for the Finnish Navy

September 7th DESMI and Naval Team Denmark conducted an on-board Naval ship technical seminar and promotion, utilizing HDMS ESBERN SNARE´s visit in Turku, Finland.

HDMS ESBERN SNARE is the Flagship in Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 and an example of one of the best Command and Control vessels in NATO. Early September we had the opportunity to show our combat proven shock rated pumping solutions fitted inside the vessel to the Finnish Navy and had an extensive talk about Naval Helicopter Refueling Systems and training as well as Ballast Water Management Systems.


The Finnish Defence Force and Finnish shipyard representatives involved in the Finnish Defence Force Squadron 2020 project were participating in the seminar that included introductions and training from four member companies of Naval Team Denmark; Rohde & Schwartz, Saab Denmark, TenCate and DESMI.

Today’s naval shipbuilding is a complex matrix of suppliers and the feedback from all participants to all four Naval Team Danmark members was very positive.


During the seminar, Director Nils Wang, Rear Admiral of Naval Team Denmark gave an introduction to the organisation and the Esben Snare ship. The ship is designed for command and support roles, with a large ro-ro deck, and is complemented by the Iver Huitfeldt-class frigates, a derivative of the Absalon-class designed specifically for combat operations.

Both Naval Team Danmark and Esbern Snare is a part of a strategic realignment within the Royal Danish Navy, which is transitioning to focus on international operations, in which the Absalon-class vessels will form the backbone.