January 2015

Oil Spill Response Training at SEMAR, Mexican Navy

SEMAR is the Mexican Navy and its mission is to run naval operations in order to safeguard national maritime interests. Mexico, as a coastal country, needs to be present at sea in order to maintain maritime communication lines, ensure the free movement of goods and people, protection and exploitation of the reserves of the sea, and use the sea in the international political order.

SEMAR bought a major quantity of DESMI equipment last year: 1,000 metres RO BOOM 1000, 1,350 metres TROILBOOM GP750, 7 SKIMMERS RO MOP 140, a SKIMMER MINI MAX, a RO VAC MK III, and a TERMITE - approximately evaluated at 1 million dollars. SEMAR has been our client for more than 10 years and recently required our services to give a training course in oil spill response with OMI 1 Certification. The course took place at the SEMAR facilities in two different ports, Salina Cruz and Coatzacoalcos, which are very important ports in Mexico.


The training course in each port took one week, from 10th to 21st November, and the main skill was the efficient use of DESMI EQUIPMENT IN OIL SPILL RESPONSE.


The main contents of the course were as follows: general view of oil spills and their consequences, health and safety in an oil spill response, response techniques in fast currents, recognition of the oil spill response equipment, drill of an oil spill, use of the equipment, correct maintenance and operation.


SEMAR chose DESMI because the Mexican Navy has been a DESMI client for many years now and knows the high quality of our equipment, our technical support and overall reliability.


The equipment that was tested at the drill at the SEMAR facilities included DESMI TERMITE and DESMI TERMINATOR. The demonstration complemented what the participants had learned in theory, and the participants practiced and became aware what is needed in every emergency. The drill was very instructive, and the SEMAR team was very pleased with the exercise where they learned to work as a team and to recognize which equipment should be used in the various cases.

DESMI has had commercial relations with SEMAR over a decade and the relations have been strengthened over the years with equipment sales, spare parts sales and training, and we are confident that this co-operation will continue also in future.