August 2016

New Video: Pump Features Displayed in Style

We are very proud to present our new video for the DESMI Vertical (NSLV) & Horizontal (NSLH) End-suction Centrifugal Pump.

The pump can be delivered in three versions; with monobloc, base plate and free shaftend. All three versions are shown along with the flexibility of being used for both vertical and horizontal use.

In the end of the video, we also mark which parts are included in the spare part kit.


The DESMI NSLV & NSLH pump is suitable for water applications (raw, treated, hot or cold) and meets the market requirements for:

• High efficiency
• Low NPSH values
• Easy installation/service
• Specific materials
• Compact design
• Standardized to modular design
• Outstanding hydraulic design performance
• Spacer-coupling options for easy maintenance
• Robust shaft design
• High efficiency impeller with low NPSH values
• Self-priming ability with a separate built-on priming pump