February 2015

New video made with support from Danish Board of District Heating

DESMI has produced pumps for district heating for almost 90 years. DESMI has recently released a new video made with support from Danish Board of District Heating.

New technologies, concepts and environmental issues are placing new demands on the industry and giving rise to many questions. What are the smart energy grid, and how do we integrate with it?
How do we save more energy and space?

District Heating is an energy distribution network that transports heated water generated in a centralized utility through piping to residential homes and commercial buildings primarily in urban areas. District Heating is clean, efficient and cost-effective due to its flexibility, scale of production and optimal heat generation conditions.

Heating and cooling systems in total account for 46% of global energy use. Therefore, these two systems (DH & DC) represent a huge potential for further reducing CO2 emissions. In response, we at DESMI are proud to be heavily involved in this business sector for which we design, manufacture, supply and support energy efficient pumps and solutions.