September 2017

New Intuitive HMI Interface to ease Operation for Naval Helicopter Refueling System

Many of our clients have expressed a clear demand for increased helicopter refueling capabilities in order to meet current and future operational demands.

In order to support this, DESMI is updating the existing helicopter refueling system with an even more intuitive HMI interface based on the Simatic HMI.

All operations can be done from the HMI to ease the operation for the helicopter deck landing officer and his assistants. HMI slave screens can be located on the bridge for monitoring purposes so the captain can see how far the helicopter unit is in its refueling state.

The design of hardware, cabinets, and software can be tailor-made from navy vessel to navy vessel thereby offering a flexibility second to none. If desired, the entire system can be delivered in EX proof design and be classed by any class society.

The increased demand for helicopter refueling capabilities is worldwide and involves everything from anti-piracy operations at Africa’s Horn, surveillance in the Strait of Malacca in south-east Asia, and search and rescue missions in the arctic regions near Greenland and Canada.