November 2016

Meeting the Next Generation Engineers

DESMI takes pride in building bridges between the educational sector and the business community. Every year different events and occasions give students an opportunity to meet companies like DESMI face to face.

November 4th was the annual Career Day at MARTEC and one of the important occasions in the calendar for companies and engineering students alike.


For the students the day offered a glimpse in to their own future. Our representatives was present to let the students in on the many corners and edges of the marine industry. Focus was on the daily life in DESMI and what it is like to be a part of a global company. Prospect as well as challenges were discussed and in a tough crowd of companies, DESMI drew a lot of attention, when introducing the latest pumping solutions and automation systems and services.


To quote one of the participating students, Nikolaj Nielsen “The day was a real eye opener”.

And who knows? Maybe the next generation of DESMI engineers were among the students. Talent is always appreciated in DESMI and equipped with the right drive and attitude DESMI might be the platform from where these students can launch their professional careers.