July 2017

DESMI Whole Ship Pump Integrator on Board UK Royal Navy’s New Type 26 Frigates

The Type 26 Frigate built for the UK Royal Navy, is a 21st century warship that will undertake the Royal Navy's three core roles: warfighting, maritime security, and international engagement on the world stage

“We are very proud and honoured that we have been selected as whole ship pump integrator on board the new Type 26 Frigate”, says Henrik Sørensen, CEO at DESMI A/S.

“Our team has been working very closely together with the designers and the project team of Type 26 and together we have found the best solution making sure the ship can operate to its very best with our pump solutions and equipment for naval applications on board”.

DESMI will be delivering the entire pump package including a hot fresh water module to the first three Type 26 Frigates. The UK Ministry of Defence has committed to building a total of eight Type 26 Frigates.

DESMI is a global manufacturer of pumps and pumping solutions and has extensive experience and competence in delivering pump packages and solutions for naval applications around the world including the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier, Tide Class Tankers and Danish Frigates.