March 2014

DESMI Utility Adding Value to Our Customers

DESMI’s Global Utility Division is responsible for providing energy efficient pump solutions into District Heating, Combined Heat & Power, District Cooling, HVAC, Power Generation as well as Leisure Industry.

This is a very interesting business area as we come across a wide range of challenging requirements, which we need to find customer friendly solutions to.

From cooling of datacenters, hotels, shopping malls to whole areas of a city – to hot water applications in Power Plants (such as CHP/Cogeneration Plants, Waste-to-Energy Plants and Conventional Power Plants) and into the district heating networks distributing hot water to communities or whole cities.  On our website and in our brochures you can find a number of case stories to showcase our competences build over more than 140 years of pump manufacturing at DESMI.

But we are not just an old and experienced company, we are also innovative. Our active participation in the 4th Generation District Heating research program, which develops technologies to utilize water down to 55 degr. C to heat up houses. This in order to maximize energy efficiencies, reduce pollution and save resources for the authorities and consumers, who obviously wants to have their tax-money spend wisely.


In utility we are much involved with project work, which means:
Tenders issued by utility/energy companies, feasibility studies and detailed design handled by consultants and contract execution by construction companies.

DESMI is getting involved with all parties at different stages:

  • We need to be known and approved by the utility/energy company, who usually carries responsibility of project finance and operation/maintenance after installation. DESMI’s energy efficient pumps, maintenance friendly design and long life cycle brings value to these organizations. We can also assist with energy audits and calculations of payback times for upgrades at pumping stations – and obviously we need to make sure local after-sales service facilities are provided.
  • We can add value to the consultants by assisting with design input related to pump selection/dimensioning and sometimes also more detailed plant layout drawings (i.e. for space/cost saving).
  • And for the construction companies we obviously need to offer a competitive solution and show flexibility with delivery times that suits the different construction phases.

To do all this the global reach of the DESMI Group is very important. The Global Utility Division assists in training of DESMI sales engineers as well as training of our partners/distributors, so we can demonstrate the above competences and capabilities on an international platform. Today DESMI have own employees stationed in approx. 20 countries around the world – and we have dedicated and competent partners/distributors in many other countries. And DESMI are a company in growth still expanding significantly into wider geographical areas as well as continued R&D investments in an ever stronger product portfolio. So we feel to be your competent supply partner for pump solutions, a company that can add value to your business.



  • 46% of global energy use are used for heating and cooling systems – therefore energy efficient pump solutions from DESMI is a tool in the right direction.
  • Instead of wasting 60% of heat from a conventional power plant – a Combined Heat & Power Plant where the surplus heat is utilized for district heating – the waste can be reduced to 10-20%