April 2016

DESMI Speed-Sweep Sea Trials in Abu Dhabi

In week 15, DESMI carried out sea trials of its new technology RO-KITE Single Vessel SPEED-SWEEP System jointly with Abu Dhabi National Oil Co (ADNOC) in Abu Dhabi.

DESMI demonstrated the ability to use the Speed-Sweep in a single vessel system mode with RO-KITE arrangement. This was staged to see how to make use of any available vessel of opportunity and the flexibility to use the RO-KITE from either Port or Starboard.


The tests were carried out on Esnaad vessel "SHEEM" and was tested to speeds of 3 knots. On the final day even though the Sea was rough, the DESMI representatives were able to demonstrate the deployment and retrieval of the equipment.


The Speed-Sweep System

The DESMI Speed-Sweep System is a heavy duty rubber boom recovery system designed to allow for the collection of oil at greater speeds than has previously been possible. Once the pollutant has been collected at the cusp, a skimmer can be located at the apex and recovery can begin. This can continue while the sweep system is moving forward. The unique, high efficiency DESMI Speed-Sweep System is designed to either connect to a Ro-Boom system or operate as an independent collection unit. It can be towed either between 2 vessels or 1 vessel.

The Speed-Sweep can collect oil up to speeds of 3 knots which results in easier and quicker operations all round.