June 2016

DESMI is one of a 1000 companies to inspire Europe

The report a “1000 companies to inspire Europe” published by London Stock Exchange Group has selected DESMI as one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic Manufacturing and Engineering enterprises in Europe 2016.

Besides identifyng the 1,000 different companies, the annuel reports examines the opportunities, trends and challenges facing the European economies.


Xavier Rolet KBE, CEO, London Stock Exchange Group explains the thoughts behind the first report of its kind, focusing on the whole of Europe:

"This project has been our ambition since we launched the first edition of the British version of the report in 2013. Its development and publication is born of our desire to shine a light on what we know to be true: these companies are the engine – and the future – of the European economy. Only they can tackle the chronic economic problems affecting Europe. Only they can drive high-quality job creation and economic growth."


Do you want to watch the DESMI profile and read the contribution of CEO, Henrik Sørensen?


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