August 2013

DESMI is Expanding Internationally within District Energy

Energy efficiency is the key growth driver for this business sector, which is getting more and more popular for both sustainable and financial reasons.

DESMI has more than 90 years of experience in manufacturing energy efficient pump solutions for the District Energy segment in Denmark and is now ready to focus and expand into new markets.

Today’s lifestyle is changing rapidly towards a more responsible (green) and sustainable way of living, making people (and governments) more energy-conscious. That makes our quest for offering energy efficient pump solutions more timely than ever.


New technologies, concepts and environmental issues are placing new demands on the industry and giving rise to many questions: What is a smart energy grid, and how do we integrate with it? How do we save more energy, space etc. To answer some of these questions and give a better understanding of District Energy we have put together a new brochure that explains about District Heating and District Cooling, and how it is becoming increasingly interesting due to the high demands for energy optimization.

See the new District Energy brochure below – and please contact us for more information and/or commercial/technical quotations.