October 2018

DESMI introduces solution to reduce costs and energy loss on electric installations

At Kormarine 2017, DESMI Pumping Technology A/S is introducing a new solution that enables shipowners and operators to avoid overheated and damaged electric installations and thus, reduce costs and energy loss. The solution is suitable for newbuildings and retrofits.

The new OptiPower from DESMI Pumping Technology A/S includes power quality analysis from measuring to design and installation of equipment making it possible to optimise power quality management and avoid electrical disturbance.

“Improved power quality prolongs the service life of components, generators and transformers onboard the vessel and thus, allows shipowners and operators´to save energy and costs,” says DESMI Automation, that supports the DESMI pump business and has a team of engineers around the world with skills and know-how necessary for on-site inspections and upgrade of automation systems.


Reduces overheat and damaged electric installations
According to DESMI, vessels and marine applications increasingly include power electronic devices with rapid and frequent loads variations like frequency converters, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and LED lights.

“These non-linear loads create voltage harmonic distortion that causes overheating and affects all the devices connected to the electrical distribution system onboard,” DESMI explains and adds: “OptiPower prevents this. The solution is especially suitable for newbuildings and retrofits, when different subcontractors supply pumps and other marine applications. Even though each application meets the electrical requirements, the sum of all contributing harmonic distortions can still affect the voltage quality.”

Meets requirements from marine classification societies
Along with achieving energy savings, OptiPower meets the new limits for harmonics levels on vessels established by the marine classification societies earlier this year.

“The requirements to get your vessels registered and insured are the same in Europe and Asia. Accordingly, global shipowners, operators and shipyards must take the power quality into consideration when applying frequency converters, UPS and LED lights on the vessels,” says DESMI.