April 2016

DESMI Featured in April Issue of Climate Control

As DESMI is always working on contributing to the debate of Energy Efficiency our influencers and experts are keen on sharing insights on market trends.

In the article ‘Pumping Life into the Market – Energy Efficiency’ Utility Sales Manager in DESMI Middle East, Ahmed Saber Ghonim talks about the challenges and opportunities of the HVAC pump market in the Middle Eastern region.

Below is a section of the article:
“Pumping cold water into HVAC systems is important to keep the temperature controlled at a suitable environment. In industries, HVAC systems are also crucial to keep production machines away from overheating. Many production processes depend basically on cooling or heating water in their facility to get the final product”


Flow-rate, pressure loss and operating costs.
In order to get a good final product, Ghonim believes that controlling the flow-rate and head of cold water at the exact certain level according to the required cooling load will ensure the most cost-efficient operation. He gives an example: “The cooling load vary from day to night time, to the number of people, the number of working machines and the controlled area. It will also vary from season to season, according to the sun’s direction and weather conditions of temperature and humidity.”

Ghonim underlines this by saying that modern controlling technologies sense all those variants and send signals to the pumps, asking it to give more cold water or less by special pump speed controllers, such as VFDs