April 2018

Annual Report 2017 – DESMI A/S

Satisfactory Result for the Year

At today’s annual general meeting, the annual report for 2017 for the DESMI group was presented and approved. Based on an annual turnover of DKK 855 million, the pre-tax profit for the year amounts to DKK 44.2 million. The result is in line with the budget for the year and is consequently considered satisfactory.

“As expected, market conditions were difficult for the core business in 2017, and especially continued low new-building activity in the marine segment and low oil prices resulted in intensified competition and stagnant sales. In relation to ballast water treatment systems, DESMI has developed and marketed a new and significantly improved system, “CompactClean”. This new system meets the demand for minimum space requirements, functionality, and high flow rates, and we have high expectations of increased sales of this system in a market where there is a great demand for efficient ballast water systems,” says Group CEO Henrik Sørensen and continues:
“Having reached a profit of DKK 44.2 million based on a turnover of DKK 855 million is considered satisfactory and shows a good trend in the earning capacity of the group. DESMI is considered on the right track and about to change the stagnant sales in some market segments, and in 2018 we are looking forward to and planning for further growth in more segments.”


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