April 2017

Annual Report 2016 – DESMI A/S

A profit of DKK 30.6 million before tax in 2016 does not meet expectations – but DESMI has strong confidence in the future.

The annual report for 2016 was adopted at the recent annual general meeting and shows a profit after tax of DKK 23.5 million based on a turnover of DKK 892 million.

“Market conditions turned out to be more difficult than expected in 2016, and especially the low new build-ing activity in the marine area and the low oil prices have had a negative effect on the group activities. The profit for the year has been affected by this and does not live up to the expectations for the year”, says Group CEO Henrik Sørensen and continues:

“Despite the fact that we do not fully meet our own expectations, we still gain market shares and we will also in 2017 maintain a growth strategy and invest in a continuously strengthened business platform, including establishment of further sales representations, strengthening of tools and support functions for sales, optimization of supply chain and systems to support the most important business processes. In the light of this – and combined with great expectations from the activities within the ballast water treatment area – we expect growth in turnover and earnings compared to 2016”.