August 2017

A Goldmine of Knowledge to Share – DESMI Article Collection

"In recent years, many articles have been written at DESMI in order to share our knowledge with colleagues, customers, business partners, and media around the world. It is no surprise that after more than +180 years of business, we possess wide knowledge of pumps, pumping and oil spill response solutions. Knowledge that sometimes remains inside the minds of ourselves and doesn’t get shared."

At DESMI, our knowledge is no secret. We want to share our many years of experience, we want to pass on knowledge about how to handle various media and benefit from using the right equipment. Therefore, sharing doesn’t stop here. There is a goldmine of knowledge and knowhow at DESMI and more knowledge will be shared in the future.


We have gathered some of the many articles that have been written so far. When you have time in your busy calendar, I recommend that you spend it on reading the articles – which also give you an idea of the many applications that our solutions can be used for – and what benefits you gain from using our pumps and pumping solutions and oil spill response equipment.


We hope you will take inspiration from reading the articles – and if you want to contribute to our knowledge sharing please do not hesitate to contact us - and remember: Knowledge alone is not power. The sharing of our knowledge is when knowledge becomes powerful."