May 2014

180th anniversary is celebrated by DESMI this year

DESMI is celebrating the company’s 180th anniversary this year. Many things have happened since 1834 – and the fantastic journey is now celebrated all over the world.

It all started in an iron foundry in small premises in Aalborg 180 years ago, and today DESMI is a global company with locally rooted ownership, headquarters in Nørresundby, and employees in no less than 28 locations worldwide.


Having distribution centres in USA, China, and Denmark, subsidiaries and distributors in all important markets, and production facilities in China, Denmark, and USA, DESMI has really developed a good reputation in recent years. The company has today more than 600 employees and will celebrate the anniversary in all locations all over the world in May and June.

DESMI is supplying pumps and pump solutions for many industries, for instance marine, process industry, district heating, sewage etc., and is also supplying systems for recovery of oil spills.


”I am very humble, but also very proud to be in a company with a history like the one that we have and daily continue to build on. We have established companies and sales offices worldwide in only a few years, and we do not stop by that. We are known for good solutions and good quality and as long as it makes sense, we will continue the globalization, where I consider the potential to be great.

DESMI’s reference list is extended year after year, with sales to more than 100 countries, and we are proud to have delivered pump solutions for a very high number of applications, even though you seldom realize in how many places pumps are used,” 
says Henrik Sørensen, CEO.


DESMI’s employees are proud to be part of this history, and even though there are many faces and colleagues all over the world, they still feel like one big family, where most of them know each other by name no matter in which continent or country they are working. All employees are now looking forward to a good and memorable party where sails will be set for the next many years…….


In addition to a party for the employees, the anniversary will also be celebrated at a reception for customers, suppliers, and friends of the house at the headquarters on 2 May from 13.00 to 15.30.