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DESMI increases activities in Nigeria

DESMI increases activities in Nigeria

DESMI Africa has escalated the DESMI activities in Nigeria by appointing its existing agent, Samdus Oil & Gas, along with another Nigerian Company, Axflo Oil & Gas, partner status. The objective is for the 2 partners to become Nigerias 1st Full Oil Spill Service Delivery Company.

The Partner Companies have successfully worked with DESMI on a principle/agent relationship for 8 years. Historically we have been predominantly equipment suppliers but customers are now expecting a full service delivery company in Nigeria and our partner Co’s want to grow their business in this sector.

DESMI Ro Clean, via DESMI Africa Ltd, have reacted by agreeing to provide support for oil spill response via the partners, support & supply of in country hire packages, technology transfer so the partners can deliver training locally and training Nigerians to become DESMI certified technicians


  • Oil spill equipment supply
  • Oil spill equipment for hire
  • Oil spill response services
  • Maintenance
  • Certified spill response training
  • Training on use of equipment
  • Equipment audits
  • Workboats supply

• Phase 1 - June Launch event at the Danish Consulate Lagos Nigeria hosted by the DANISH Ambassador, Torben Gettermann and DRC Managing Director Henrik Knudsen. 50 attendees from oil & gas, industry and government. News story links:

• Phase 2 - August  – Offshore hire package will arrive in Nigeria
• Phase 3 - October/November – Demo of equipment in Nigeria
• Phase 4 - February 2018 – Nigeria Oil & Gas conference & exhibition. DESMI & partners will have a prime located stand. The theme will be “delivered as promised”. NOG link

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