Finance your DESMI order

For order values between 100,000 EUR and 5,000,000 EUR

Jyske Bank and EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency work jointly to promote Danish export by providing long-term financing for your purchase of Danish equipment. Financing can be provided for credit periods up to 5 years.

The solution is provided at a fixed interest rate for the duration of the financing period, and the first payment is due six months after delivery of the equipment.

What does it cost?
The specific possibilities as well as the total cost of our financing solution depend on the credit period, the repayment terms, the currency, the political conditions in your country as well as your financial circumstances. DESMI recommends using EUR as currency as this will minimize the interest rate during the repayment period.

Below are two examples of our solutions for DESMI

Based on the specifics of your potential order, we will be happy to provide an indication of the total cost, including interest and handling fees as well as an overview of the amounts and dates of all instalments.


How does it work?
The financing solution is based on your acceptance of a number of Bills of Exchange upon delivery of the equipment. The Bills of Exchange mature at intervals of six months for the duration of the credit period, and they are payable at your local bank. The Bills of Exchange must be signed by persons authorized to sign for your company – this can be done either at your bank or before a notary public.


What are the terms and conditions?
We can finance contracts between EUR 100,000 and EUR 5,000,000. Your prepayment must be min. 15 % of the contract value.
The long-term financing solution is subject to approval by Jyske Bank and EKF. Your company is assessed by EKF on the basis of a credit report and your audited financial statements.

About Jyske Bank
Jyske Bank is the second largest Danish bank. We employ a staff of about 4,000 and operate 98 Danish branches. We offer a full range of financial solutions to retail as well as corporate clients.

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About EKF
EKF is Denmark’s Export Credit Agency. EKF helps Danish companies realise their international export ambitions by covering the risks entailed by trading with other countries and by paving the way for competitive financing. EKF is owned by the Danish state.


Please visit for further information and for more country information, which is a tool for EKF´s customers – investors, exporters and banks. Information is available to cover opportunities for specific countries.

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