Monitoring Pump Data

Pumps and in particular the large “main” pumps are critical assets in aquaculture systems. Continuous re-circulation of
the water 24/7/365 in fish farms ensures clean, degassed, oxygenated, and tempered water for the fish population and is essential for the welfare and the growth.

The availability of sensor-based data as well as data from the Pump VFD enables a unique feature in DESMI’s concept - calculation of aggregated parameters such as the Pump Hydraulic Efficiency and Pump “Health” (a function of vibration level and how the pump is running on the Q/H-curve).

All important data in one place

DESMI offers an online pump monitoring concept, which facilitates continuous surveillance of all relevant sensorbased pump parameters such as:

• Pump pressure at inlet and discharge flange
• Flow
• Vibration level
• Media temperature
• Motor temperature
• Etc.

Furthermore, the DESMI device connects to the VFD and enables monitoring of the VFD data such as:

• Motor speed
• Motor power
• kWh used per hour/day/month
• Min./max. values of above
• Etc.

Cloud Solution and Data Accesibility in Customer Scada System

All data can be transmitted to the DESMI cloud by LAN, WIFI, LoRaWAN, 3G/4G or whatever is available on the site.

The data, which is relevant in the daily operation of the fish farm, can be directed into the customer SCADA/Management System and can be used to monitor the efficiency and the “health” of the pumps along with other required parameters.

Online Support & Commissioning Support DESMI can provide online support, where skilled pump specialists can log-on to the cloud and assist commissioning, fault finding, and supporting our customers 24/7/365. Obviously, DESMI service technicians can also support on the site.

DESMI's IoT solution for monitoring pump data


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