DESMI Oil Spill Workboats

DESMI has a plus 30 year history in building oil pollution boats, which can be adapted for Oil Spill Response duties, Navy & Coast Guard use and other duties in ports or larger offshore operations.

Years of Superior Service in oil spill boats

High-Quality Multipurpose Vessels

Anitpollution worboats for oil skimming and other cleanup duties:
• Boom deployment • Skimmer deployment • Dispersant application • Fire fighting • Oily water reception • Command centre duties • Debris recovery • Towing duties • General workboat duties

DESMI workboat

The new work boat concept


DESMI KaziCat is based on the philosophy that the boat itself is just a platform that can be equipped to handle more or less any task required.


The DESMI KaziCat can handle the following duties:


  • Passenger transport – up to 12 people
  • Transport of injured people – second row SAR boat
  • Transport of larger goods
  • Treatment of Ballast Water from other vessels
  • Sophisticated decompression diving container
  • Firefighting container with foam and remote controlled fire monitor



  • Oil Spill Combat
  • Floating plastic and garbage collection including compacter for more time on sea
  • Normal work boat duties
  • Equipped with container for hull cleaning of other vessel
  • Scientific vessel equipped with laboratory containers
  • Module for inspection of seabed using WASSP multibeam scanner

Marinas & Smaller Commercial Ports


Oil Pads • Oil Roll • Oil Socks• Oil Cushions • Oil Booms • Dammit® • Wooden Stakes • Personal Safety Kits • Disposal bags and ties

kits for oil spill

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DESMI is a global company

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DESMI is a global company

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