Powerful tool for the suction of liquids and oils floating on water


The RO-VAC is a powerful tool for the suction of liquids and oils floating on water, on the ground or beach. The whole system is designed to be very versatile at a cost less than conventional vacuum trucks.


The vacuum pump can generate up to 95% vacuum and handle air flow up to 6,800 litre per minute, it is driven by a hand and electric start diesel engine all mounted in a fully galvanised frame. The RO-VAC can be supplied with large diameter wheels and retractable tow bar for road and off-road towing, permitting access to many areas of operation.



The RO-VAC incorporates a high-pressure, cold water pump for washing of contaminated surfaces. A trigger operated hand lance and chemical dosing educator with pick-up tube are included in the package.

The RO-VAC can generate a vacuum in either an open top oil drum using a domed vacuum head or a wheeled tank - RO-TANKER. Oil is sucked up into the tank or drum without passing through the vacuum pump. Wheels can be removed for use on board vessels.


  • Very low storage when not in use
  • Handling is extremely easy
  • Can be inflated/deflated in very short time
  • Top mounted with eyelets
  • Equipped with yellow safety stripes
  • Robust design and proven materials makes it difficult to damage
  • Can be used as both Buoy or Fender
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Possibility for customer to have name/logo on
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