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    Floating debris, municipal Trash and Plastic articles are an ongoing blemish on the Environment. Much of this material finds its way into streams, rivers, canals and ultimately into our oceans. A simple solution to this is the DESMI ENVIRO ENHANCER. It is designed to operate under a wide range of tidal conditions and water flow rates with minimal maintenance and longevity in mind.

    DESMI trash systems utilize proven DESMI booms and tide compensation accessories as an integral part of the system. Performance, simplicity, and durability are the watchwords for the ENVIRO ENHANCER. It serves to contain much of the floating surface debris while allowing smaller particles and most naturally occurring materials suspended in the water column to pass through.




    DESMI has managed to deliver an environmentally responsible answer to the marine growth challenges.

    DESMI’s ecological solutions for marine growth containment and removal from water was launched as a response to the massive Seaweed issue present at many shorelines today. The seaweed has invaded beautiful beaches around the North Atlantic region and the Caribbean – a huge problem for the local residents, the local wildlife and the thousands of annual tourists.

    DESMI booms in permanent installations have good references like no one in the market. Booms will deflect the Marine growth to specific areas where with the help of DESMI skimmer, it can be transferred to containers or trucks for easy transportation. 

    • A pump which is insensitive to sand
    • A relative lightweight construction which can be deployed by 2-3 persons
    • Skimmer body equipped with wheels for easy handling, deployment and recovery
    • Stainless steel open mesh conveyor belt feeding the skimmer pump





    The DESMI ENVIRO TUBE unit is a light weight, low cost, trash recovery unit, for use in areas with lower capacity demand and with eventual difficult access.

    The unit is portable and could be brought in place for recovery, from even a small boat.

    The unit requires a couple of guide booms, which could be at any convenient length and any boom style that can be connected to the unit by means of traditional oil boom connectors or the like. These guide booms could be floated into the recovery area and be connected to the recovery unit at site. The recovery unit will deliver the collected trash into bags on the downstream side of the unit.

    These bags can be light, cheap and disposable bags, if this is most convenient. If there is no immediate access to the recovery from the river bank, the bags can be released from the unit and then towed with a boat to a suitable place for lifting out of the water. The bag can immediately be replaced with a new one, with little manual work.  

    The ENVIRO TUBE only need anchoring by the guide booms, which can be anchored to a bank and/or by anchors to the bottom.




    The DESMI IMPOUNDER unit is the first of its kind combining high recovery and efficiency rates to collect municipal rubbish and plastic articles from the surface of water and from land.

    The functional requirements of DESMI IMPOUNDER are based on some very specific demands including:

    • Quick recovery
    • Efficient loading of debris into containers.
    • Reduction of labor costs and injuries.

    The principal structure of the unit consists of a collecting head system, operated by hydraulic power.

    The collector consists of three barrel-like drums that rotate against one another. Hydraulic power supplied through the control unit drive these drums. 

    The surface of the drums is covered with long flexible “rubber fingers” that lift the debris through the collector-head into the conveyor. 

    The conveyor is telescopic and extendable up to 24 meters.

    The Mobile solution comes with a four-wheel drive control power unit. The stationary solution is made to be put on a platform.




    The DESMI RIVER SWEEP originates from DESMI’s Oil Spill Segment. It is an innovative oil trawl design from the early 1980s to recover waxy oil residues. The trawl consists of sweeping wings and an entrance net – followed by up to 3 x collection socks, which can recover unwanted floating material.

    The system is able to filter the water, trapping the debris into up to 3 x collection socks connected in series to the entrance net. Debris will be floating through entrance net, first sock, second sock, and into third sock (last sock). “Last” sock when filled will be disconnected by means of control lines attached to a pick-up buoy. After the last sock is disconnected, the next sock, will then automatically close and become “last” sock. The pick-up buoy will be taken by the vessel (dinghy) which can tow away for disposal of the released debris-filled sock




    Range of DESMI booms in permanent installations have good references like no-one in the market.

    Based on the aquatic marine and debris behavior, sea and weather conditions, use of special designed floating booms made with ecofriendly materials and long term resistant to environmental conditions (like sunlight, UV, salt water) are essential.

    In general terms, booms will deflect or create a collection area where the selected collecting unit will be located.




    Whatever your requirements for the deep-water offshore & offshore environment, DESMI can advise, supply and train on the widest range of proven solutions available in the industry today

    DESMI offers full range of equipment and always state-of-theart with regard to quality and design

    DESMI delivers proven solutions, delivering the lowest life cycle costs and life cycle support and is the market leader for booms and recovery systems

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