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    Marine & Aquatic debris is one of the most widespread solvable pollution problems plaguing the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes. Successful management of the problem requires a comprehensive understanding of marine and aquatic environments together with the necessary experience and the correct selection of proven equipment. Knowhow is the key and dealing with DESMI brings benefits.

    More than 180 years of proven technology has made DESMI a market leader in pump system technology and world leader in solutions for combating oil pollution in the oceans and environmental solutions around the globe.


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    Whatever your requirements for the deep-water offshore & offshore environment, DESMI can advise, supply and train on the widest range of proven solutions available in the industry today.




    UNDP - SDG

    With DESMI EnviRo-Care operation, we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

    Our commitment with UNDP Denmark, cooperation with local authorities & awareness programs in local institutions contribute to refute of illegal dumping of waste in future.



    DESMI is a global company with more than 180 years of experience. We are specialised in the development and manufacture of pump solutions and world leader in solutions for combating oil pollution in the oceans.

    Each year approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste leaks into the oceans making it the most widespread pollution problems. The negative influence this pollution has on marine life, fishery resources, livelihood of coastal areas, basic nature values, tourism and the long-term threat against human health has led to a global call for prevention actions.

    DESMI EnviRo-Care provides unsurpassed containment and collection methods in water bodies to deflect and collect floating debris that includes but not limited to municipal garbage and plastic articles. DESMI EnviRo-Care's purpose is to reduce the pollution of plastics in the oceans and is therefore identifying opportunities to mitigate the marine litter as close to the source of pollution as possible because as the researchers say two-thirds of this pollution come from the 20 most polluting rivers and most of them are in Asia. This also means that approximately 25% plastic waste leakage to the oceans comes from outside Asia, which makes it a global issue.

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    In Ras Al Khair, Eastern Saudi Arabia we have installed a 300 m OilFence33 boom fitted on sliders in a V configuration. DESMI got jelly fish nets suspended from the booms.

    The booms are anchored every 25m and is doing quite well for the past 6 years. The customer flips the boom in water every 4 months so that the marine growth on the boom skirt dries away. The symmetrical geometry of the boom permits this, unlike other booms.

    This “longterm boom solution” is installed inside the intake channel, closer to the pump house and is less exposed to rough open sea conditions.

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    The DESMI Sea Turtle Sargazo Project

    2015, DESMI began the DESMI SEA TURTLE – SARGAZO initiative to find an alternative solution to handle the massive algae arrival on the Caribbean beaches and the first sargazo mechanical remover unit was named DESMI SEA TURTLE. It was based on a weir skimmer unit with a special arrangement that allowed the removal of the sargazo algae from the water free of sand.

    Special DESMI floating barriers´ were designed to deflect the seaweed. All eco-friendly and able to withstand long-term environmental conditions. The initiative produced a configuration efficiency of up to 80%.

    By January 2016, DESMI successfully installed the first complete DESMI SARGAZO BOOM configuration.

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    DESMI EnviRo-Care Complete Waste Solution

    DESMI EnviRo-Care Clean-up Operations


    “We are now at a stage in our innovation process, where we are focusing on demonstrating the proof of concept for our circular system that collects & converts plastic from rivers and waters into energy. A successful pilot will be the key to showcase and scale up the solution in India and beyond. Ensuring clean waterways is an important global challenge and creation of energy & jobs locally, a significant added benefit”.

    - Neha Mehta - Senior Vice President - DESMI Ro-Clean A/S

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