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Advanced Sweep Systems


Can operate faster speeds than traditional boom systems

The DESMI Speed Sweep 3200 Plus, is the ultimate advancing sweep system that can operate  without entrainmnet.

It has a class leading encounter rate and can operate in hostile waters. It has been developed to be a practical solution to recovering oil from well blowouts or upsets.
The system, which comprises the Speed Sweep 3200 and additional modified RO-BOOM, has a swath or opening of 750m (2500ft) and is manoeuvred by two ships of opportunity.

However, operators do have the opportunity to reduce the size of the sweep adding to the systems flexibility.
Despite its size, the Speed Sweep Plus is easy to deploy, which not only reduces time, it minimizes the deck space.

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The Maritime Industry exhibition is taking place May 13-15 October 2020 in Gorinchem, Netherlands at the Evenementenhal Gorincham

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The Irish Skipper Expo is taking place September 4-5 2020 in Limerick, Ireland at the UL Sport Arena

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Aquaculture UK is the most important aquaculture exhibition and conference held in the British Isles taking place 19-21 May 2021 in Aviemore, Scotland at the Macdonald Aviemore Resort

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